“The first bond of society is marriage”

-Marcus Tullius Cicero     

The First Bond in society is marriage.  This indispensable union is the foundation from which a chain of humanity develops and shapes our civilization.  A stable marriage produces healthy children, which forms strong families that build compassionate communities.  Studies show that men and women who commit themselves to creating a loving and supportive marriage are healthier, wealthier and happier than less devoted counterparts are.  Moreover, studies conclude that children raised within such a marriage are more likely to have similar marriages in their own futures.  The confident and secure child of solid marriages tends to do better in school and make good lifestyle choices, like saying no to drugs, alcohol, early sexual experiences, abuse and violence.  

Did you know you could?

  • Learn skills that help you.
  • Stop destructive behavior.
  • Learn to communicate better.
  • Be better parents.

Did you know on average?

  • Children, women, men, and communities do better on every positive social
    outcome when a couple forms a healthy marriage & relationship.


Our vision is to create a more compassionate and connected world by cultivating the seeds of society; namely its families.  The First Bond will be seen as the premier learning annex for youth, families and communities seeking relationship guidance and support. We aim to be seen as a premier advocate for the nuclear family, while upholding the integrity of marriage.

Our Objective

The First Bond  specializes in the enrichment of all types of relationships at all levels. TFB will provide an established evidence based educational programs that promotes interpersonal Communication and vital community connections.  This includes, but is not limited to, bridging language barriers that prevent the accessing of essential services and information. TFB is dedicated to empower people who live in communities where they have little access to needed information and resources that can promote healthy relationships, self-sufficiency and self-awareness.

Our Intention

Anything that Grows requires nourishment,…

Research shows that intentionally investing time into your marriage is one of the best ways to keep it strong. Marriage Enrichment classes provide the tools and understanding couples need to deepen intimacy and strengthen friendship, in a safe environment in which to connect and grow. We are dedicated to providing integral services that embraces diversity by respecting the importance of all human behavior.