OPINION: Relationships that matter

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OPINION: Relationships that matter
Tin Bartolome – Hopechest

Our lives are a string of relationships, sometimes completely cut off or so intertwined (and even tightly wound), sometimes in knots, and other times, so loose, they might as well be cut off. Small talk and “kamusta na” are not at all good measures of how involved we are in the relationship—nor in the other person in that relationship. Daily rituals are not proof that a relationship exists.

What matters in relationships is how we are affected by the joys, pains and sorrows of the other person in that relationship or how we empathize—whether it is friendship, marriage or any other close relationship. Relationships that do not really mean that much will enable us to ask, “How are you?” just for the sake of asking, but not getting involved in that person’s life. Perhaps we do care and feel a little of what that person is going through, but we know just how much we are willing to allow this person and the situation he or she is in to affect our lives, and that is definitely not to help fight that person’s war!

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